Visiting the CPA Offices

Please do not pull into the Electric Shuttle Plaza when you visit the CPA offices.  This disrupts the Electric Shuttle service.  Please park in the CARTA South Garage.  If you park in the garage we will give you a token to exit the garage at no cost.

To Pay Your Parking Ticket

If you have received a parking ticket you are charged with a violation of the Chattanooga City Code as indicated on the front of your citation.

The fines and costs are pursuant to sections 24.302 and 24.326 of the Chattanooga City Codes.

To answer this charge you must do one of the following to settle your obligation to pay this citation:

(1) Fill out the 2nd Column on this page or pay online at:

(2) Mail a check or money order to (DO NOT MAIL CASH):

Chattanooga Parking Citations
633 Chestnut St.,Suite 1010
Chattanooga,TN 37450

(3) Call (423) 648-4031  8am-5pm weekdays

(4) Pay in person 8am-5pm weekdays at:

Chattanooga Parking Authority
1362 Market Street
Chattanooga,TN 37402

The failure to pay any fine or penalty may result in additional fines up to $50.00 plus additional court costs. It may also result in the immobilization of your vehicle, which carries an additional cost of up to $50.00, or the impoundment of your vehicle, with a towing fee, plus any necessary storage fees.

If you feel you have received this citation unfairly, you may file an appeal at .The appeal will be reviewed administratively to determine if the citation should be dismissed. If you are unsatisfied with the administrative decision, you may request a hearing with an independent appeals officer. Citations will not be dismissed for failure to pay a meter for lack of change or for failure to know and adhere to the parking regulations.

Pay Fine

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